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“Service in political office has been turned into a career path instead of what it was intended to be, service. Who are they to ask for our vote again and again, without inviting others to take the baton further. Why have we allowed our democracy to age poorly? "

- Luis Espindola



Like many of you I have kept politics at a distance most of my life. I figured if I kept my head down and did the right thing and had faith in government then “they” would do right by us. I assumed only the best amongst us were elected to serve and their only goal was to better the nation. I was wrong.

I see now that the current system thrives on ordinary people keeping politics at a distance. I see now that faith in government means turning a blind eye to the responsibility we have as citizens to be a part of it.

I see now that it’s the wealthy and cunning amongst us that are elected and not those with our best interest in mind. 


Whether we realize it or not there is a battle waging in our country. I believe it’s a battle of good vs. evil, justice vs. injustice, right vs. wrong. The Republican Party holds the moral high ground in this battle. The conservative nature of the party allows for a clear interpretation of the rights granted by our creator and recorded in our constitution. 


I believe that freedom of speech is absolute. Wether I agree with the words you're saying or not.


I have an unwavering support for the 2nd amendment and will reinforce the “shall not be infringed” beliefs of our founding fathers. Removing, restricting or otherwise hindering the the right to bear arms of my brothers and sisters will never cross my mind.  

I do not believe that Americans have the financial ability as a country nor as individuals to write blank checks to the rest of the world. Support and expect, if we support others in pursuit of security we should expect them to disclose every expenditure before we as representatives ask our constituents for more of their money. We have a responsibility to our peoples needs first and foremost. 

I believe that a weak Federal Government produces a stronger citizen, the Federal Government has become a crutch that is leaned on by the weak to solve their every issue. I’ll never vote towards more centralized power. 

As a former oilfield worker I strongly support the oil and gas industry in our country and can personally attest to the strict environmental protection policies oil companies abide by. Oil and gas should be a point of pride for our nation and especially our state. 

I do not support DEI (diversity, equity and inclusion) ideology, I believe that merit alone should be the only determining factor in offering employment to an individual. Justice Roberts famously wrote, “the way to stop discrimination based on race is to stop discriminating on the basis of race.” It only hurts our nation to keep race as a topic of the present instead of letting it be a lesson of the past. 

There aren’t two sides to every argument, illegal immigration is just that, a violation of law. We cannot pick and choose which laws are obeyed, bent or broken to serve political narratives. This leaves our country open to chaos and more of what we have been experiencing in the last few years. 

A border is not a structure designed to oppress, to deny or to keep others from prosperity. It's a structure that expresses sovereignty and security. A border represents the idea that we are never to be ruled, influenced or invaded by an outside power. Somehow the idea of a border has turned into a representation of racism and oppression. We are not going to debate illegal immigration as if there is a righteous way to break the law, only criminals do that. I plan on lending a bilingual voice, to help others understand that border issues are more important than worthless political narratives.


You wont find perfection in this campaign, you wont find a polished speaker, a clean cut candidate or a college educated person. My words will come out unfiltered, my image will not be converted into an eye pleasing persona. My education comes from my time in the military, my days in the oil field and the years I’ve spent as a private defense contractor for my country. 

The hope is that someone uses this imperfect campaign led by an imperfect person as a lily pad to leap into public service. I will not be seeking reelection, instead I’ll spend part of my 2 years in congress scouring the district looking for who’s next. Surely there has to be someone better than me out there. The “NOT ONE OF THEM” slogan of my campaign is meant to represent who we need in office and I know I’ll find that next one. 

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