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Money where your mouth is act.

Every election cycle politicians use law enforcement in this country as part of their political strategy. The words that leave their mouths come from a place of ignorance and unwillingness to learn what what these men and women truly go through on a daily basis. 

During my time in the House of Representatives my team and I will introduce a bill that would require every single member of both the House and Senate to spend:

- 20 hours per term imbedded with Border Patrol at our southern border.


- 20 hours per term imbedded with local law enforcement agencies within their own districts. 

This would help remove some of the ignorance from their mouths and allow members of both parties to speak about this issue with first hand knowledge and experience. Members of Congress would return to their districts with perspective regarding border operations. They would also have the opportunity to view the evolving needs of their constituents by essentially participating in mandatory “ride alongs” with law enforcement in their districts. 

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