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Life long politicians are the past, you and I are the future .

During this election you’re going to hear words like “maturity” and “experience” to resell career politicians to the American people. These words have been used throughout political history when there is no substance to offer and no explanation as to why they can’t relinquish power.


Maturity is a process and experience comes by doing.


Instead of greed and narcissism we can inject planned obsolescence into our democracy by sending those of us who want to serve today and possibly tomorrow but not for a lifetime. 


I believe we are a nation of centrist and its gonna to take more than just Republicans and Democrats to take this nation forward, it’s going to take blue collar and white collar, it’s going to take private sector and public sector. It’s going to take real human beings who aren’t burdened by allegiance to a party but rather allegiance to their country. 


To conquer the division that has been planted amongst us we’ll need representatives that don’t spend their time blaming the other party. BUT we can’t conquer anything until we agree to be subject to one another as citizens. Under one flag, behind one border and loyal to one nation.


Over 200 years of political promises have been made and yet somehow we still haven’t reached perfection. What promises are left to give? What coercive words are left in the dictionary for them to use to convince us of their individual greatness? This is why we should elect people and not politicians. Because ordinary people won’t rely on promises to gain your vote, we just know how to work and we’re grateful for the chance to do so.  


Your vote can be used as an act of defiance towards those in power. And In this election defiance is what matters most. 


I’m running for congress because I can, because it shouldn’t take wealth or fame to represent those you love and stand with. 


I’m running for congress because it would be a crime to look at our flag and not be compelled to do right by it.


I’m running for congress so that someone here can say to themselves, “if he can do it, so can I.”


I wont lie and say this is easy, you expose yourself to ridicule, criticism, mockery and attacks. 


if that’s what it takes to repay my debt to my state and my country, Then it’s a small price to pay. 


With too many captains and not enough crew its impossible to create a unifying front for the republican party let alone the nation. So when you meet with other candidates during this election try to figure out how much of their ego is left unchecked, Try and figure out if they can follow just as well as they can lead.  

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